We are not currently taking on new patients. For alternative options please visit https://honahlee.com.au

Fees & Compassionate Access

Unfortunately, telehealth consultations don’t currently attract adequate financial support from the Australian Government. This means there are no medicare rebates on our services and Bulk Billing is not possible. Because of this, drfelix.health is a 100% private billing clinic

Compassionate Access

In order to ensure that patients from all walks of life are able to access our service, we offer discounts to Concession Card holders and patients who receive a Disability Support Pension (DSP).

Standard feesInitial Consultation $260 / Review $85
Concession Card holder / DSPInitial Consultation $140 / Review $65
Compassionate AccessDetermined case by case

If you are a Concession Card holder or receive a Disability Support Pension please click here to request a discount.


NOTE: All consultations are conduction via Telehealth (phone or video).

To ensure that patients with complex medical problems or communication difficulties are not disadvantaged we also provide longer consultations at no extra charge.  

Initial consultations are 30 minutes by default. Patients with complex medical problems and/or communication difficulties can choose a 45 minute appointment at no extra charge.

Reviews are 15 minutes by default, but for patients who require it we book longer reviews (typically 20-30 minutes) at no extra charge.

Refund Policy

Payment is due to on the day of consultation and can be made via bank transfer, online or over the phone. Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will be charged in full. Pre-paid appointments cancelled with more than 24 hours notice will receive a full refund.