Frequently Asked Questions

Our aim at is to assist patients who have not had success treating chronic illness with conventional or mainstream medicines. We will work with you to explore options and determine the appropriate treatment for your conditions and circumstances. This could include medical cannabis therapy.

There are tight restrictions around the manufacture, supply and use of medicinal cannabis within Australia. However, laws exist to allow the prescribing and dispensing of medical cannabis products in specific circumstances.

Visit the Therapeutic Goods Adminstration (TGA) website for important patient information relating to medical cannabis.

No. We do not charge you anything other than the cost of the consultation. 

No. We believe it is your right to choose your own pharmacy. We do have a list of pharmacies that we can recommend for reliably accessing specific medications but you are not obliged to use them. We do not receive any commissions or fees from pharmacies we recommend.

We always discuss medication choices with you and believe that collaborative doctor-patient relationships result in the best outcomes. However, by law, the final decision for medication choices must rest with the doctor.

No. Unlike many alternative therapy clinics we are not owned by a medical cannabis manufacturer or supplier. 

When recommending therapies or prescribing medications our primary consideration is what is best for the patient. 

We are also committed to full transparency regarding any potential conflicts of interest: click here to read our conflict of interest declaration.

No. Unlike many alternative health clinics, is independently owned.