Conflict of interest declaration

At we are committed to full transparency with our patients regarding any and all potential conflicts of interest. The clinic itself ( Pty Ltd) is 100% family owned and makes all revenue from the clinical or educational work of our doctors.

Individual declarations

Dr Felix Sedal (founder and co-owner of

Company: Green Shepherd Pty Ltd

Role: Medical advisor and minority shareholder

Description: I act as a medical advisor to Green Shepherd, a medical cannabis supplier. I am also a minority shareholder. Green Shepherd holds no financial interest in 

Mitigation strategy: Because of my finanical interest I do not prescribe Green Shepherd medications unless there is no other reasonable alternative. If this does occur I will always inform the patient of the potential conflict of interest. Green Shepherd were aware of this condition of my involvement when they engaged me.

Company: Dispense Hub Pty Ltd

Role: Founder and owner

Description: Dispense Hub is a software company that provides customised automation and practice management software for medical clinics. It is also developing a platform (about to enter testing) to assist doctors, clinics, pharmacies, suppliers and patients manage scripts, authorities and stock issues associated with medical cannabis prescriptions. 

Mitigation strategy: Dispense Hub is utilised by for clinic automation only at present. Invidual scripts and clinical choices do not result in any financial gain for Dispense Hub. If Dispense Hub does become monetized in this way in the future I am committed to actively mitigating any conflict of interest that may arise.